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Crawl space, under the house, spraying, cleaning, SERVPRO

SERVPRO in the Crawl Space!

No job is too difficult for SERVPRO to complete! Pictured here is one of our Production Technicians suited up to crawl underneath a customer's house and conduct mold remediation on their floor joists. 

SERVPRO, The Keg, Water Damage, Flooding, Commercial

Flooding at The Keg in Murray, KY

When heavy rains caused flooding in Murray, KY, everyone's favorite restaurant, The Keg, suffered significant water damage. SERVPRO was able to deliver emergency services to extract the water and help The Keg look "Like it never even happened." 

Pre Mitigation

Commercial Water Damage

Heavy rains caused flooding inside this business's break room. Water had covered a majority of the flooring, damaging the trim and causing mold growth. Our team was able to quickly extract the water and dry the affected areas in order to resume business. 

Kitchen Fire.

House Fire in Big Sandy, TN

A fire started in the kitchen of this home in Big Sandy, TN, leaving majority of the house damaged. Our team was able to salvage and clean a good amount of the customer's contents and have them returned once the rebuild process was complete.

Mold Growth

Hiding in Plain Sight

Anywhere moisture can be trapped, there is a high chance of mold being present as well. This image shows the structure of home inside the drywall and insulation. While we cannot see this issue directly, it is important to be aware of any water leaks or heavy condensation in your home. SERVPRO of LBL South is here to help detect and resolve mold issues!

Big ducts... Small spaces...

Check out our senior crew chief, Rob, in this shot from inside a commercial duct system in a facility over in Union City, TN! Those were some dirty ducts, but we got 'em clean! 

Ceiling Clean Up

Smoke & Soot Removal

At SERVPRO of LBL South, once a fire happens, we understand that daily life seems impossible any time in the near future. We work our hardest to make sure you get your home back on track. Once we have completed the mitigation process in your home, we remove all smoke and soot from the affected surfaces along with odor removal.

Outlet Fire

Electrical Outlet Safety

It is common for faulty outlets to be the source of a fire. Pictured is an outlet with worn wiring that had broken and caused a fire. If your outlet is loose or doesn't feel secure, double check to make sure. It could go a long way for your safety.

Carpet Cleaning

Does Your Business Need Cleaner Carpets?

At SERVPRO of LBL South, we offer a wide variety of services including carpet cleaning. This picture is one of many rooms we cleaned for a local nursing home facility. Check your carpets in high traffic areas - notice that it might be time for your carpets to be cleaned and refreshed.

Give us a call for your carpet cleaning needs!(731) 642-1284

Pre Mitigation

More From Hurricane Laura

This home was severely damaged by the hurricane's heavy wind and rain, causing leaks in their roof which consequently lead to their ceiling falling through into the kitchen. Our team is currently working on this situation, along with many other homes and businesses in the area that were affected.

Hurricane Laura

Responding to Hurricane Laura

We sent a crew to Lake Charles, Louisiana to help business owners and families that suffered damages from Hurricane Laura. Pictured is our Sales and Marketing Manager, John Norwood, on the site to begin the restoration process for a family dealing with a water loss.

Mit. equipment

Mitigation Equipment

During the drying process, our team utilizes state of the art machines that are specifically geared for mitigation. Pictured are air movers and a dehumidifier. The air movers blow cool air across the water surface, speeding up the evaporation process. The dehumidifier then works to remove humidity in the area until our dry goal has been reached.

Floor Demo

Only Take What's Needed

During the demo phase of our process, we aim to only remove the damaged materials that are absolutely necessary to completing jobs. This saves both time and money for everyone involved in restoring the home back to preloss condition.

Post mitigation

4 Foot Flood Cut

After initially suffering from water damage, this home was covered in mold caused by the combination of water and humidity. Our team removed all affected materials, pulled the flooring and performed the mitigation process. 

Utility Room Rebuild

Trust the Rebuild Process

Here a SERVPRO of LBL South, we believe your main concern as a customer should be temporary protective measures to prevent any further damage to your property. That being said, we offer reconstruction services that might be necessary to get your home/business back to its original condition. This utility room has been rebuilt after experiencing fire damage.

Customer contents in storage.

Secured Pack Out

If your home or business has been requires extensive restoration, SERVPRO of LBL South offers content and furniture moving services. We use a secured pack-out program to keep a very close eye on your belongings and exactly where they are during the process.

Flooded bank lobby.

Count Us In

This bank in Waverly, TN experienced severe flooding from a storm, leaving majority of the flooring saturated. Our team was able to extract the water, flood cut the drywall, dry the salvageable contents, and move on to the demo and rebuild process. We are happy to serve our commercial customers!

SERVPRO of LBL South Cleaning Vehicle

We Have the Tools for the Job

Our team has access to a long list of tools, special equipment, vehicles, and technology that we utilize based on what the job calls for. Whether it's a fire damage or a commercial carpet cleaning, we are ready to get the job done quickly and effectively. The SERVPRO of LBL South carpet cleaning vehicle is pictured.

Tornado Damage

24/7 Emergency Service

Disaster can strike at any given moment. That's why our team is always prepared to take emergency action. This home was hit hard by a tornado, but our team was on site and ready to work within hours of the damage occurring. 

School Cafeteria Freezer

Stay Educated About Our Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of LBL South offers a wide variety of cleaning services. This freezer at Henry Elementary School needed a thorough cleaning in preparation of the school year. They were very pleased with the result!

Drying equipment placed.

Got Water?

This gym had experienced heavy rains, overflowing into the building from the storm drain. Here at SERVPRO of LBL South, we make it our top priority to keep your business afloat. Our team arrived on site, ready to work, within 4 hours of the loss occurring. Using our state of the art equipment and drying techniques, we were able to get this gym back in shape after just a few days.

Post Mitigation Photo of Fire Damaged Living Room

Recovering from a Fire

Electrical fires are common and have the potential to severely damage a home. For example, a faulty outlet in this customer's home caused a fire in the living room closet. Our team was able to remove the affected building materials and prepare the area to begin the rebuild process.

Carpet Cleaning

Keep Your Carpets Clean

SERVPRO of LBL South offers a variety of cleaning services, including carpet and upholstery. Our professional team can address soiling and odors in your carpets, rugs, and various other materials. 

Fire in Master Bedroom

House Fire in Waverly, TN

These are the remains of the master bedroom, as this home was devastated by a fire. Our team was on site hours after the fire had been extinguished. Afterwards, we were able to salvage and clean majority of the family's contents to be returned. 

Covid Cleaning

Taking Precaution

Any type of business, especially with heavy customer traffic, wants to feel safe and take precautions during a time like this. Here is our SERVPRO of LBL South team disinfecting and cleaning the lobby of a restaurant in order to keep them operating properly.

male employee in ppe fogging a facility

Helping Prep for Election Days

SERVPRO of LBL South was called upon to assist the Humphreys County Election Commission with ensuring local voters would not be exposed to the COVID-19 virus by fogging the Election Commission Office prior to early voting. While no COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at this location, preventative measures are being taken by the Commission, and SERVPRO of LBL South is glad to help. We will also be fogging all voting locations within the County leading up to and immediately voting commences in August. 

Ace Hardware sign with two vehicles parked in front of building

Assisting a Local Ace Hardware with COVID-19

We recently received a call from a local Ace Hardware in reference to continuous COVID-19 cases involving their employees. SERVPRO of LBL South was able to respond within 24-Hours to clean/disinfect the facility in a manner that help reduce the downtime of the retailer due to COVID-19. 

Image of bank lobby and miscellaneous furniture

COVID-19 Cleanings Picking Up

With the increase of COVID-19 infections, SERVPRO of LBL South is seeing more businesses inquiring about how to properly clean and disinfect facilities. Gov. Bill Lee has explained that the Tennessee economy will not shut down again, forcing many businesses to look to companies like SERVPRO of LBL South to help minimize the spread of Covid-19. 

Ice Maker Supply Line Rupture

This customer in Dover, TN (Stewart County) experienced the devastation of an ice maker gone mad. The ice maker supply line ruptured sending water throughout the home! Fortunately, they called on us. We have specialized extraction and drying equipment to get the job done. In the photo, we are using our mat system to get those floors dry safely and efficiently. We were able to save those beautiful hardwood floors! 

Hurricane Damage

Got a call from daughter pertaining to her mothers house. Everything in the house had been sitting for 2 weeks before water had moved away where we could get inside. Everything in the house had to be thrown out. We had a crew of 7 people clearing out the house to the road. everything had to be torn down to the studs and the ceiling had to be gutted as well. The entire job took about 4 days for us to clean up and tear out. Then we sat our drying equipment and dehumidifier to dry the house out. It took another 4 days before we were able to pull our equipment. We had to sit a generator to be able to power all of our equipment. Overall we got it done and the customers were very happy with us.

Storm in Houston

This is the result of the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The owners were pleased by the urgency SERVPRO provided to make their home "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO provided content inventory services along with water and mold mitigation.

Celebrating our First Responders

Lowe's in Paris, TN honored all first responders and emergency personnel on April 20th. The entire community was invited to come and meet/hang out with emergency personnel from State Troopers, Firemen and women, Air Evac and Vanderbilt pilots and nurses, and members of the National Guard. There was free food, a car show, State Trooper rollover demonstration, and WLZK 94.1 covered it all. 

World's Biggest Fish Fry Parade

The World’s Biggest Fish Fry is a premier event for Paris – Henry County and West Tennessee. The last full week of April annually attracts people locally as well as nationally. Visitors come from across the country to enjoy the festivities.

The whole festival revolves around the “Fish Tent” where by last account over 12,500 pounds of catfish is served with all the trimmings. In addition to all you can eat catfish you will find parades, carnival, rodeos, catfish races, dances, arts and crafts to name a few. Events actually begin early in February with beauty pageants leading up to the week long celebration.

This year, we joined in the festivities with a ride/walk in the Grand Parade! 

Local Dental Office

We responded to a call from a local dental facility where the water main had burst and filled the entire flooring are in the building. We were able to extract the water, but had to do a 2 foot flood cut to remove insulation and to dry the seal plates.

Maximizing the Drying Potential!

Dehumidifiers create warm dry air. To maximize the drying potential of an air mover... park it (or them) at the exhaust of a dehumidifier! The air movers will force and direct that warm dry air to wet places that need it most! 

Home affected by hurricane in FL.

Storm Team

We have a Disaster Recover Team ready to be sent to major storms and flooding events that occur in the US at anytime. SERVPRO of LBL South can access resources from 1,700 Franchises across the US. We performed water mitigation services at this home in Panama City, Florida after suffering hurricane damage.

The Church at Dyer's Creek, Dover, TN

The Church at Dyer's Creek in Dover, TN had 3' of standing water inside as a result of recent floods that hit the West Tennessee area, July 7, 2016. SERVPRO of LBL South was on location within 1 1/2 hours, moving mud, drying out, and preparing for the rebuild. The great folks of The Church at Dyer's Creek have been very pleased with the speed and professionalism of our great SERVPRO of LBL South team as we work dilligently to make this disaster "Like it never even happened."